Utilizza La Tua Illusione I


bubblebyte.org is pleased to present Utilizza La Tua Illusione I, a group exhibition incorporating abstract imagery and optical illusion to deform reality and represent animated, colourful, distorted dimensions.

The show is inspired by the epic 1993 Guns N’ Roses album, Use Your Illusion I, one of two albums released in conjunction with the Use Your Illusion Tour, the last time that the band ever played together on stage.

Use Your Illusion I and sets the context to celebrate the work of different artists that take inspiration from the 90’s psychedelia and rave culture using abstraction and flashy colours to set parallel realities as an alternative to our current political and economical events.

The work of Paul Flannery, Sylvain Sailly and Anthony Antonellis, present characters of immaterial geometry and illusion towards the compression and reversion of time and space into a fluid discourse to evade and experiment. Travess Smalley and Tom Hobson play with our senses re-creating new dimensions in movement while withdrawing inspiration from 3D holograms first designs and multi-layered ways of seeing. Works from Theodore Darst and Samara Scott, inspired by glitch culture and washed out aesthetics, propose animated mental escapes while the surrealistic work of Adam Cruces is appropriating old narratives to reproduce them through new exits.

Utilizza La Tua Illusione I is constructed as an a-temporal journey with no beginning and no end into a world of bright pastel colours, psychedelia, motion, geometry, surrealism and alter-reality highlighting new forms in contemporary visual expression. Let the work lead your imaginary and enjoy your evasion.


(Any work exhibited by an artist on bubblebyte.org was only available to view during the dates of that show. After that period, no record of those works remained on the bubblebyte.org server. For examples of this artist’s work, please visit their above website link.)

  • Dates:

    03/12/2011 - 29/12/2011