Sylvain Sailly – Instructors

Artists is pleased to present Instructors, a solo exhibition by French artist Sylvain Sailly.

Over the past five years, Sylvain Sailly has worked with multimedia installations that combine prints, video work, and sculptural objects. His work explores the dematerialisation of systems and procedures diffused in contemporary society, highlighting invisible processes in production which transform into the practical and meaningful. Sailly’s practice researches the notion of hidden differences between objects and their abstraction, and the way these differences elude direct investigation.

Instructors follows the research on imperceptible variations and takes the form of an on-line series of semi-autonomous 3D animations created exclusively for The series adds to the artist’s personal web diagrams collection and functions as an extension of his site-specific and gallery work.

Codes and aesthetics of Internet video tutorials inspire the six digital happenings presented in the show as Google Sketch up files (.skp) paired with animated gifs created as an instructional tools. The work which requires the participation of the viewer in order to activate, is constituted by 3D model objects. As these schematized objects are made and unmade, their simple and even barren graphics emphasize the mechanics, deployment and assembly of their fifteen-second life-cycle. The objects’ function, its capacity to impart a use, comes to the fore, as well as the means and occasion to manipulate this function. Building and unbuilding, processing and unprocessing, the work investigates the relationship between recognition and simulative enactment.

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  • Dates:

    10/03/2012 - 09/04/2012