Rob Chavasse – Sandals

Artists is pleased to present Sandals, a solo exhibition by artist Rob Chavasse.

Chavasse’s practice explores through a multitude of media our physical and conceptual relationship with space in a romantic form. Charmed by the notion of the gallery as culturally and historically intended space, Chavasse’s work uses the exhibition locus as canvas and point of departure for his interventions. Through a multimedia approach and a minimalist sensibility his work has the power of reversion and clear analysis, pushing the spectator to reflect about limits and challenges of our perceptions.

Corner Piece, a collection of spaces appropriated by the artist becomes a transitory place composed by the random association of multiple images. The work Intros outros, a complexe of intros and outros from songs that use rain samples at the beginning and/or end, is layered together to recreate a storm and to quick solve ’emotional/atmospheric’ effect.

In Not Yet Titled (Robert Morris Test) we see Morris’s 1964 solo exhibition at Green Gallery reconstructed and run through a light rendering program. Not Yet Titled (Spruth Magers Proposal) is an un­commissioned proposal taking the form of a 3D model. The track lighting from the gallery is replicated in the street, creating formal shapes out of identical strip lights. Taking the glass gallery front as the mirror line, it takes the strongest element from the gallery and upsets its standard context. The space in this way is a metaphor of the current status of the art market where being included or not means and determines your career outputs. History of art mixed with humour and popular culture are used to challenge the notion of the formal environment in which we interact with art, raising theoretical and visual questions.

  • Dates:

    28/02/2011 - 29/03/2011