Pascual Sisto – Every Now and Then

Artists is pleased to present Every Now and Then, a solo exhibition by LA-based Spanish artist Pascual Sisto.

Pascual Sisto’s practice is a balance between what is hidden and what is revealed. Through a constant research of synchrony and symmetry, he creates clean and detailed settings that amaze spectators with a tight, rhythmic narrative. The video works are permeated by irony and a pictorial aesthetic. Elements of urban landscape and nature are mixed up in a highly visual synthesis just perceivable after a long accurate analysis of the composition.

The work 28 years in the implicate order, where 28 red balls bounce up and down in a chaotic random order, challenges the spectator to understand the line between reality or fiction As the video reaches its mid point, the balls align themselves, bouncing at the same precise moment just once before resuming back into chaos.

In Once and For All and Once Over Lightly scenes provide a sustained contemplation on the beauty and stillness of nature, until it is interrupted by a momentary and abrupt force. A title appropriated from the Situationist slogan of May 1968, the work Beneath The Paving Stones sees human movement create a natural optical experience, joggers and bikers are cloned and sequenced in a hypnotic arrangement, ultimately blocking any access to the beach. Inspired by art and popular culture, Sisto’s art reflects time, as either interruption, synchronicity, or pulsating rhythms and expectation, and mix it to create something new. Salamander, originally a multi-channel installation, is made of collaged layers of explosions taken from stock images for the film industry and arranged in different compositions

Every Now and Then, the work of which the exhibition draws its title, is a digital remake Ed Ruscha’s Thirty Four Parking Lots using Goggle Maps, while Greatest Hits takes ABBA’s GOLD Greatest Hits and blend it with ORO Grandes Exitos, mixing the English and Spanish versions into an unintelligible new album.

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  • Dates:

    03/05/2011 - 29/05/2011