Oregon Painting Society – Angelo’s Game


bubblebyte.org is pleased to present Angelo’s Game, a solo exhibition by collective Oregon Painting Society.

Established in 2007 in Portland, Oregon, Oregon Painting Society’s collective output is various and multidisciplinary, focusing on the production of interactive audiovisual environments, recordings and performances. OPS is compelled by The Mystery to forge possible doorways into impossible worlds, using transcendent creative collaboration as a method to create performances and different worlds as well as goal for every project.

OPS has spent 2011 crafting a series of installations and performances under the title Angelo’s Game, a world populated by beatniks and purple clowns summoning lake spirits at twilight. The fourth instalment, proposed for bubblebyte.org, will bring the ‘game’ into the netted-dimension, warping and spreading Angelo’s residue into hyper-shape translations. Set up as a labyrinth composed of sounds and images, one page leads to the other in a sort of extravagant auto-regenerating circle with no beginning and no end with infinite possibilities. Angelo’s Game has been exhibited widely and internationally transforming itself through time and space, becoming different acts and ideas while constantly generating new visual proposals and experiences.

With a theatrical approach and a visual aesthetic that masters the digital performative language with brilliant ability, OPS lead us to the discovery of a new dimension of Angelo’s Game.


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  • Dates:

    04/10/2011 - 01/11/2011