Laurel Schwulst – Proposals for Future Parks

Artists is pleased to present Proposals for Future Parks, a solo exhibition by artist New York-based artist Laurel Schwulst.

Laurel Schwulst’s practice concentrates on the concepts of participation, technology and nature; creating and destroying links between them while playing with visual and digital themes.

Each work exhibited in Proposals for Future Parks is a different scenario, inviting the visitor to experience nature as intended in a highly technological reality.

The work Screens (“A Screen Park”) is inspired by the idea of parks and forests. It allows us to experience a verdant jungle in the way we are most comfortable doing so: through a screen. A vast piece of glass, extending as far as we can see, covers the forest. The surface of the glass is frictionless, so we need only to receive a small push to propel ourselves across the entire surface. When we reach the other side we know that it is time to leave.

Select Sunsets (“A Sunset Park”) is a park that overlooks a faraway ocean, but is closed at sunset for the ten minutes it takes the sun to drop below the horizon line. During this time, viewers go to nearby viewfinders that translate the sunset into a more familiar language of selected bits, undulating from off to on.

States (“Some Hovering Parks”) are multiple parks that hover above places which will become parks. Like tarot cards, they reveal the nature of the park to be. When you see them from far away it is impossible to tell whether they are on the ground, and thus actual parks, or hovering in the air, and still mere blueprints of the parks to be.

Meat (“A Monumental Park”) is a monument to fallen technologies. The mapped meat reminds you of your former body, and the pinpoint reminds you of the blood that came from it. The grass here shines brightly, making it hard for you to keep your eyes open — not that you would want to.

(Any work exhibited by an artist on was only available to view during the dates of that show. After that period, no record of those works remained on the server. For examples of this artist’s work, please visit their above website link.)

  • Dates:

    31/03/2011 - 28/04/2011