Il Labirinto Di Cristallo

Artists is pleased to present Il Labirinto di Cristallo, a group exhibition of artists working around the themes of ‘Oceano‘, ‘Futuro‘, ‘Industriale‘ and ‘Azteca‘.

The show, inspired by the early 1990s British TV program The Crystal Maze, is conceived as a journey set around different areas, visions and artistic approaches, stressing and stretching visual possibilities in a playful and kaleidoscope mode that flirts with space and time displacement.

Oceano will show works related to water, how we represent it and what it symbolises for us. The animated works of Nicolas Sasson and Constant Dullaart are presented together with the frolicsome and surreal videos of Alexandra Gorczynski, Hayley Silverman and Sabina Ratté, and the web-based installation by Lewis Teague Wright. The visions proposed by the artists are both literal and distorted, engaging with the concept of water in a wide sense. Through the use of animation and moving image as tools of connection between nature and the digital lens, the element of water is presented as a dynamic entity.

Futuro is conceived as a time journey in a surreal era. The sensual images of Maya Stocks and Kathryn Ferguson and the hypnotic time-traveling of Claire L. Evans contribute to fill our imaginative world with geometric possibilities and sci-fi visions. The eye of John Michael Boiling and Javier Morales and the space 3D images of Sam Sanford complete the journey and give us different points of connection with it.

Industriale leads us to industrial scenarios made from modular repetition and production rhythms. Emilio Gomariz’s animated geometric figure and John Lawrence’s colourful compositions recall automated patterns and urban constructions while the work of Alistair Owen and Tim Steer present an escape, a sort of visual contradiction against iteration and mass-production.

Azteca represents our connection with lost nature and our primordial feelings. The distorted landscape of Damon Zucconi together with the mutable pictures of Jaime Martinez have the potential of psychedelic “paradise lost” feelings in forgotten places far away from civilisation. The geometric games of Ben Aqua and Anatoliy Demidov remind us of folk aesthetics opposed to Parker Ito’s primitive paintings and female beauty in the digital era.

The diversity of vision and artistic approach allows discovery and experimentation, constantly crossing the line between imagination and reality, virtual and factual, abstract and actual, leading visitors throughout a multilayered and unexpected random wandering.

(Any work exhibited by an artist on was only available to view during the dates of that show. After that period, no record of those works remained on the server. For examples of this artist’s work, please visit their above website link.)

  • Dates:

    26/07/2011 - 02/09/2011
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