Hannah Perry – Keeping Time


bubblebyte.org is pleased to present Keeping Time, a solo exhibition by London-based artist Hannah Perry.

Working across a variety of medium, including moving image, photography, collage and sculpture, Perry’s practice is mainly developed by mixing found VHS footage, YouTube videos and photos from the artist’s own, personal archive. This often transpires into a constellation of images taken from teenage pop icons and the Internet, reproducing a quick snapshot of the visual language of young, contemporary culture. Blossoming characters, often depicted in the moment of building their identity, quickly disappear on to the next image, creating a fast, polysensorial narration.

Keeping Time revolves around the topics of rhythmic time and its hypnotic power, transporting us into an acid dancy world populated by music and film references such as Steve Reich or David Cronenberg.

Untitled is an animated hyper-work leading to a series of different artworks and elements. Starting as a random composition of personal objects leaning on the floor, the user is invited to interact with Hannah’s world and be transported into new settings; artistic, musical or simply connected to the artist’s creative process. Old works and personal influences blend with tools used by the artist in her work, and constitute a conceptual cut and paste, interdependent to one another.

The works Extract 1 and Extract 2, from the work Wonderful While It Lasts, recently presented at the Zabludowicz Collection, are a vibrant concentration of quick images portraying youth culture. Music videos and TV programmes are collaged with family members’ interviews, fleetly developing through a sort of synthetic motion accompanied by a strongly immersive soundtrack.

Deeply influenced by music sampling from dance music to hip hop, the outcome of Perry’s work is a fresh, visual, rhythmic assemblage representative of an actual momentum.


(Any work exhibited by an artist on bubblebyte.org was only available to view during the dates of that show. After that period, no record of those works remained on the bubblebyte.org server. For examples of this artist’s work, please visit their above website link.)

  • Dates:

    21/04/2012 - 30/05/2012