Duncan Malashock – Catchments


bubblebyte.org is pleased to present Catchments, a solo exhibition by New York-based artist Duncan Malashock.

Duncan Malashock uses the Internet as a point of departure for his analysis about reality. Through visual experimentation, his work talks about how we relate with the web intended as a world of exchange where concept and ideas take form and flow.

For Catchments, Malashock decided to reflect on the creational process and the various stages intended as unpredicted visual outputs. The intention is to highlight and represent what is left normally hidden, the work in progress behind the scenes and consider it as a mutated work itself.

Let’s make sure everything is a thing is a series of animations which forms the final composition of a website. Each work has its own life while being at the same time interconnected with the others. Conceived in a precise order, the work singularly presented takes new meaning and invites us to think about temporality and serial representation in the net landscape. Ancestral Worship is a moving, colourful worship that alters its shape in each version. Similar but never identical it mutates and changes answering to the directions and the decisions of the user.

Both series of works analyse and revert the concept of the creational process and mutated reproduction while playing with issues as the time and the context in which a work is purchased and shown.


(Any work exhibited by an artist on bubblebyte.org was only available to view during the dates of that show. After that period, no record of those works remained on the bubblebyte.org server. For examples of this artist’s work, please visit their above website link.)

  • Dates:

    04/09/2011 - 02/10/2011