Constant Dullaart – Crystal Pillars

Artists is pleased to present Crystal Pillars, a solo exhibition by Berlin and Amsterdam-based artist Constant Dullaart.

Through performances, videos, websites and hacking actions, Constant Dullaart’s work masters web communication whilst using pre-existing found material as a visual vocabulary. His work shows the changing vernacular of Internet users and the software dialects, often highlighting how global web corporations influence and control the autonomy of this language.

For Crystal Pillars, Dullaart will showcase a new film of the same title. The film, a video essay that recently premiered at Rotterdam Film Festival 2013, is a reaction to Dullaart’s Terms Of Service performance at New York’s New Museum in 2012. During this performance, Dullaart publicly gave away the password to his Facebook account.

Filmed on his phone in the 5 years leading up to this performance, as part of a video diary of the artist’s real life social experiences during his time on Facebook, Dullaart reflects on abandoning this online identity through several narrated texts, a combination of his own thoughts, those of Mark Zuckerberg, Lil B, Christopher Poole, Henna Hyvärinen and the Facebook Terms of Service.

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  • Dates:

    07/02/2013 - 15/03/2013