Cieron Magat – Love That

Artists is pleased to present LOVE THAT, an exhibition of London-based artist Cieron Magat’s unique entrepreneurial project T-Shirt Party.

Magat is a polymorphic creative mind working in different fields. The intersection between video, music and sub-culture is at the centre of his work and emerges through the diversity of projects he consistently initiates and directs.

Every week, for one year (from March 2010 until March 2011), using the alias of Stan Still, Magat produced a new t-shirt for sale with a corresponding video advert. The result was T-Shirt Party, a collection of contemporary culture and sub-culture, different visions and ideas presented by Stan Still (alongside a few guest participants) in a double visual format of moving image and artistic outfit.

By fixing the terms of production to one year, each output becomes autonomous and exciting in its novelty. T-shirt Party projected some iconic imagery onto cotton with incredible regularity, proposing week after week a reflection on fashion and the extremely quick change in tastes and trends, while conceiving a new platform for artistic challenge and creative experimentation.

Popular culture (and everyday scenes strongly influenced by music and MTV culture) are playfully used in each t-shirt / video. The project, an audio-visual clothing collection, uses its main features as objects of analysis, modes of display and inputs for experimentation. Optimism and emotion are at the base of the project, conceived as a celebration of art and creativity. Guests like Nina Manandhar, Tim and Barry, Lewis Teague Wright, Tyrone Lebon, Ferry Gouw, Raine Allen Miller, Shane Connolly, Rhys Coren, Boiler Room, William Wright, Oscar Godfrey, Jimmy Merris, Dan Szor and DDF expanded the artistic vision.

For LOVE THAT, Magat will exhibit on the whole first yearlong collection of fifty-five T-Shirt Party videos and fifty-two t-shirts (it is now in its second bout: But, more than a show, LOVE THAT is considered as an artwork itself, inviting you to drift around, celebrate creativity and clearly join the Party.

For the duration of the show, the first series of T-shirt Party TSP001-TSP052 will be exclusively on sale again at

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  • Dates:

    08/06/2012 - 08/07/2012