Angelo Plessas – Mirage Machines

Artists is pleased to present Mirage Machines, a solo exhibition of works by Athens-based artist Angelo Plessas.

Since the late 90s, Plessas’ work has been strongly reflecting and mastering the language of the Internet through the creation of websites as artworks. Intended as a powered tool for experience, a vehicle for the exploration of subjectivity, iconography and abstraction, the works are a conceptual proposition that comes alive in a browser window. Plessas’ web pieces often propose sculptural works of imaginary characters and ideas, swinging between funny and profound, graphics and art. In his work, Plessas fuses invented representation, surrealist purposes and modernist references together with the idea of user interaction, animation and network activation.

For Mirage Machines, Plessas has created a mechanical, imaginary landscape generator. Each of the six-presented websites work independently and yet forms a broader line of reflection, experimenting with philosophical, psychoanalytical and subconscious concepts. The websites are considered as ‘dream machine’s activated through a browser interface to produce surreal illusions – visual experiments to detach the viewer from notions of time, space and reality. Each domain, objectified through its title, is unique and calls for interactivity. By utilising simple shapes often connected to subtle electronic or concrete sounds, elements and movements constitute part of a meticulous programmed composition activated and played by the audience. As you trace your mouse across the screen, the work becomes alive, respond to your gestures and create unexpected CMYK landscapes beneath your cursor, revealing something new at every visit.

(Any work exhibited by an artist on was only available to view during the dates of that show. After that period, no record of those works remained on the server. For examples of this artist’s work, please visit their above website link.)

  • Dates:

    21/12/2012 - 24/01/2013